Museo Paleontologico di Bucine

Palaeontological Museum in Bucine

Paleontological Museum is part of A. Manzoni Middle School


A. Sacconi collected many fossils dating from the Pliocene and Pleistocene eras, from the Valdarno region and organised them into 12 glass cases in the school. The most important part of the collection comes from the sandy, clayey areas, called the Bucine Sands. Among the more interesting finds is a gruiform tibia (the first of its kind found in Valdarno), the remains of an ancient elephant and deer and of lake-dwelling molluscs. Other significant finds include fragments of more recently produced ceramics goods.The collection of artefacts in the museum are constantly studied, catalogued and conserved by the school’s students, teachers and archaeological experts.

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Admire the Parish of Galatrona and St. Apollinare, as well as the Galatrona Castle
The municipality of Bucine is found in the Valdambra, in the province of Arezzo, at a height of 207m above sea level and with a population of approximately 9,000 inhabitants. LOCATION Its intermediary positionbetween Florence, Arezzo and Siena, has made Bucine a vivacious and strategically important centre, from the very first settlements in Roman times, and even more so in the Middle Ages: a ...