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Monte Gabberi
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On the cliffs of Mount Gabberi

An excursion from Pomezzana to Farnocchia

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From the square in front of the Municipal Palace, follow the signs to Stazzema and begin going up an asphalted road past several small, local districts. After about two kilometers, you’ll find a fork in the road. Go right toward Farnocchia-Pomezzana, following the path that will lead you through lovely chestnut forests. At the next fork in the road, go left toward Pomezzana. Before you reach Pomezzana (after about 3.5 km), you’ll find a iron-working company called Milani. Once past their facility, go uphill toward the right. The narrow asphalted road will lead you past several houses. Continue to stay right at each junction you pass. At a certain point, you will reach a fountain; from there on, the road becomes a gravel road with several steep slopes. Follow this path until you reach Foce di San Rocchino. From there, go westward toward an open field. On the right-hand border, you’ll find a flat path which crosses the forests that lie under Monte Gabberi. This route will take you along the seaside during various segments. Various downhill sections follow. There, it will be necessary for bikers to dismount and walk. After 4.5 km, you’ll find yourself near the town of Farnocchia. From here, you can take the asphalted road for about 6 km in order to reach your point of departure.


Located in a wide valley at the foot of the Apuan Alps, Camaiore is a city with ancient foundations and owes its origins to the Romans, who, after establishing Lucca, set up outposts on the slopes of Monte Prana. Among these was Camaiore, whose name comes from the ancient toponym Campus Major, the large plain that linked Lucca to the port in Luni. ...