Oasis of the Gods: an underwater museum

Underwater sculptures off the coast of Elba

Elba Island not only boasts crystal clear waters but also underwater art! For scuba diving lovers, this is the perfect place to combine underwater exploration with art appreciation because sitting on the seabed, a few hundred meters off this island there is a collection of underwater sculptures. Located in the canal of Corsica, just off the Elba coast, charm, nature, art, and local traditions are what's in store for scuba-diving, art-loving tourists!

Elba offers an very unusual exhibition—an underwater sculpture museum at the bottom of the sea! Just off the coast of Punta Polveraia in Marciana is Italy's first underwater museum. Called the Oasis of the Gods, these sculptures are even more enchanting underwater, in the silence, colours and sounds of the sea. Representing mythological figures, the nine majestic statues are located 14 metres below sea level.

Even amateur scuba divers can dive to see them, making the submerged museum a great destination for all people who love scuba diving and art. Dives last about one hour and must be done through a reservation, by emailing Photographers can also take snap shots and enter them in the "Underwater and above ground photographic marathon."

In Marciana Marina there are other ideal scuba diving areas, from Punta Nasuto to Punta della Madonna, and Secca del Careno, located between Capo Sant’Andrea and Formiche della Zanca. Not far away is the coast of Capoliveri, where divers can find the best seabeds, like Capo Stella, Scogli dei Gemini, Scoglio della Focacciola and Scoglio del Ramaggiolo. Elba island is a paradise for divers thanks to the variety of its underwater flora and fauna, colours and light. Every dive is a sensational discovery!
Oasi degli Dei
Marciana - Isola d'Elba
Tel. 3933322454
From under Monte Capanne rises this charming village, the oldest on Elba Island
Marciana is situated on the slopes of Mount Capanne on the west side of the Island of Elba at 375 meters above sea level. It is one of the most ancient settlements on the island, its foundations dating back to 35 BC. The Archaeological Museum in Marciana gives evidence to its very ancient past. The vegetation is rich: there are ilexes, pine and chestnut trees. ...