Riserva Naturale  Provinciale "Oasi della Contessa"

Oasis della Contessa Nature Reserve

Area filled with natural jewels along Livorno’s coast

The Oasi della Contessa Nature Reserve is a leftover branch from the ancient system of coastal marshland on the Pisa-Livorno plain. The area’s marshy characteristics testify to sediments deposited in the post-ice age period. The area also boasts ruins from prehistoric settlements. The area was marshland until the land reclamation projects launched first by the Medici then by the Lorena.

The reserve is located between the small towns of Stagno and Guasticce, on the Bellavista-Insuese Estate. It consists of 22 hectares of land with vegetation typical of humid zones, such as white willows and white poplars. The area was marshland until the mid-1980s when it was filled in and underwent significant plant and animal population shifts.

Disabled access: partial
Qualified reception: no
Other personnel: no
Transportation: no
Particular trails: no
Other available trails: no
Altitude characteristics: flat
Visitors’ center accessibility: N/A
Source: Comune Collesalvetti
A wonderful natural environment surrounded by hills, woods and Mediterranean greenery
Apart from the main town of Collesalvetti–originally an ancient Roman settlement, then a medieval fief and a busy agricultural village–there are numerous villages with historical monuments in this area that are of Etruscan-Roman origin. There are also still traces of prehistoric times. ...