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Nature trails in San Carlo

The history of San Carlo goes back to palaeolithic times

San Vincenzo

The site of rich mineral deposits, this small hill town, immersed in green Mediterranean scrub on the slopes of Monte Calvi, is a much sought-after spot for holidayers in touch with nature or in search of a holiday farm experience. One of San Carlo’s main attractions are the so-called Pot Holes, natural caves and pools formed during the mesozoic period, from which minerals were extracted in the past. Excursions of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty can be taken from San Carlo along the panoramic hill trails.


Source: Etruscan Coast APT

San Vincenzo
Beaches surrounded by pine woods where horse riding and hiking trails cross
San Vincenzo combines natural beauty with the amenities of a welcoming, hospitable resort, making it an international tourist destination where relaxing holidays can be enjoyed all year round. San Vincenzo has been inhabited since very ancient times – later it became an Etruscan and then a Roman settlement. ...