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National Antiquarium in Sestino

Displaying archaeological remains found in the area

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The National Antiquarium in Sestino has a collection from the 19th century which includes inscriptions, statues, memorials, and decorative fragments from the Roman era, found through archaeological digs in the area. The Antiquarium is made up of an epigraphic section where commemorative artefacts with memorial stones and panels from the Imperial age (1st-4th century AD) and a beautifully-reconstructed Augustan temple stands out in the statue section.

Inside the museum you can admire several sculpture: from the statue of Aphrodite to the head of Augustus to the bas-reliefs and the Hellenistic funerary monuments.

Remember to go to the section dedicated to household objects with an important collection of dedicatory and funerary inscriptions, among which are those related to the powerful local Volusenii family, perhaps of Etruscan origin.

Info: beniculturali.it

Taste of ancient history and wonderful landscapes in this place that sits between Tuscany and Umbria
Sestino an ancient land that has always been trampled by peoples that, following the Foglia and Marecchia rivers, or the primordial and then consolidated roads, travelled here leaving traces of their passage and of their settlement. ...