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Ponte Buggianese

Museum of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio in Ponte Buggianese

Don't miss Pietro Annigoni's fresco cycle

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Ponte Buggianese

The small museum is situated in the area next to the sacristy of the 17th century church of San Michele Arcangelo (also known as the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio). The church was reconstructed in the 19th century and still houses the venerated image of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio, protector of the local population during various epidemics. The Sanctuary became a tourist attraction after the walls were frescoed entirely by Pietro Annigoni, Romano Stefanelli and other Annigoni students from 1967 to 1976It houses and exhibits the most important sacred objects of the church: vestments, relics, and other liturgical furnishings from the 17th to 19th centuries.

Hours: every day from 7-12 and again from 15 - 18.
Price: Free
Handicap access: No

Piazza Santuario 17
Tel. 0572 635022

Ponte Buggianese
A town built around a bridge in the heart of the Valdinievole
Ponte Buggianese is a quiet town on the Valdinievole plain, founded, no earlier than the 16th century, after Lake Fucecchio shrank and the plains of Uzzano and Buggiano became more populated as a result. Around this time, churches began to spring up in the neighbouring territories of Padule and in particular Ponte Buggianese, where a little parish church was built. ...