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Museum of the Pistoia Apennine People

In the town of Rivoreta, a museum dedicated to yesteryear’s mountain life

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The Museum of the Pistoia Apennine People is located in Rivoreta, a small town in the municipality of Cutigliano, with a rich tradition. The museum takes visitors on a discovery of the life of the people in this territory, both historically and today. More than an exhibition, it’s an engaging experience: the visitor is asked to immerse themselves in the story, to “do” with their hands, experiment with the manual labours that our ancestors practiced every day in pre-industrial society.

Among the focuses of the exhibition, there are those related to the processing and transformation of chestnuts, which the entire economy of the community was based on; to the production of coal; and to the tools used in getting wood from the forest. Only a small part of the objects from the collection are on display and they are alternated every year in order to offer a detailed reflection of mountain society.

The museum also offers the innovative Walk Assistant for visually-impaired visitors and aims to be open to all, adults and children alike, who can participate in the “Toy Workshop - Laboratorio del giocattolo,” which invites the younger guests to explore their fantasy and manual skills by building simple, peasant toys.

Info: ecomuseopt.it

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