Museum of the Appennino Pistoiese locals

Interesting exhibitions spotlight local traditions and industry

Rivoreta, Cutigliano
The Appennino Pistoiese People’s Museum, spotlighting industry and daily life, is located in what was once the local elementary school. The building has been completely renovated and the museum is currently part of the ‘Daily Life Tour’ organized by the Eco-museum of the Pistoia Mountains. Visitors can catch a glimpse of various artifacts and objects that bear witness to the traditions that characterize rural communities in the Pistoia Mountains.

After its restoration, the building was opened to the public on June 22, 1997. Thanks to images, stories, music and historical evidence, museum guests can go back in time and understand more about the people that have populated the Apennine area from modern times until today. It is organized according to various themes including the area’s industrial origins and its industries like coal mining and wood-cutting. It also hosts interesting exhibitions focusing on holidays and religious traditions. 

Contact information:
Via degli Scoiattoli
Rivoreta, Cutigliano (Pistoia)

The medieval village in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and province of Pistoia
At a height of 678 m above sea level, it holds the Municipal Palazzo, the 15th century church of the Madonna di Piazza and that of St. Bartholomew. According to legend, the town of Cutigliano was founded by the Roman legionnaires from Catiline, in retreat after the defeat they suffered in 63 BC. ...