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Museo della Civilta' Contadina di Fratticciola

Museum of Peasant Culture in Fratticciola

History lovers visit the Museum of Peasant Culture

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Fratticiola, 52044
Local history lovers won’t want to miss a visit to Fratticciola’s Museum of Peasant Culture where they can catch a glimpse of the rural heritage of the Valdichiana area. Those who are interested in the civic, historical and ethnographic characteristics of the territory’s unique agricultural traditions won’t want to miss learning more. The collection is compiled from material belonging to an association called Il Carro and it bears witness to daily life and rural customs prevalent in the area up until the 1970s. It includes work tools, cooking utensils and other objects that recall local roots.

Thanks to this unique museum, visitors can get to know old-fashioned traditions and the rural history of the area’s forefathers, who were often sharecroppers working under landowners. Thanks to guided visits and reconstructive installations of old-time trades, visitors can learn more about Chianaiolo-Cortonese area.
Carts, jugs, hoes, ploughs—myriad humble objects testify the life-style that once characterized local culture.

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