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Domina la Cattedrale di Firenze

Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence. Mineralogy and Lithology Section

An important and prestigious collection of minerals and rocks

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Via g. La Pira, 4
This museum of mineralogy and lithology is part of the Natural History Museum of the University of Florence. Its collections come from the Museo di Fisica e Storia Naturale (Natural History and Physics Museum), which was established by the Lorena family in 1775. The museum is home to around 40,000 samples of rock and minerals, as well as a varied collection of elaborately worked stone works of art which date back to the time of Medici rule. The museum also has a collection of 5000 samples on display which come from the eighteenth century collections of Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti.

The ‘Elban Collection’ is made up of 6000 pieces, most of which were identified at the end of the nineteenth century and which illustrate what a mineralogical treasure trove the Island of Elba was at that time. There is also a national mineral collection of over 10,000 pieces which bears witness to the rich diversity of minerals found throughout Italy. The museum’s Brizzi collection includes 4500 samples collected in Tuscany and Sardinia. The Ponis collection is made up of 3000 pieces, including an impressive Brazilian pegmatite and an aquamarine beryl weighing almost 100kg. There are also thirty unique pieces which are of enormous scientific interest.The museum also has a general collection with samples from around the world which is being added to all the time.

Contacts: musminfi@unifi.it
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