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Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence. Anthropology and Ethnology Section

A collection of vegetable species from all over the world

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Museo di Storia Naturale
via del proconsolo, 12
This collection has been housed in the Palazzo Nonfinito (the ‘Unfinished Building’) since 1924. This building, which was built by Bernardo Buontalenti for the Strozzi family at the end of the sixteenth century, is a noteworthy example of Mannerist architecture. The Anthropology and Ethnology museum is part of the Natural history Museum of the University of Florence. It was created by Paolo Mantegazza and over the years has been active in doing anthropological and ethnological research. Its most interesting and important collections document the physical, cultural and traditional elements of indigenous populations from around the world.

One of the oldest collections was put together during the era of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. It includes a collection of artifacts from pro-Columbus America which come from the Medici armoury and from items gathered by James Cook during his 1776 exploration of the Pacific. The collections are enriched by items collected on numerous nineteenth and twentieth century scientific expeditions. For example, the museum is home to several prehistoric human finds. There is also a varied photographic display and an archive of all documented information.

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Contact Information
Via del Proconsolo 12 - Palazzo Nonfinito
Telephone 055 2396449 or call 055 2346760 to organiste guided tours. Porter 055 2743064
E-mail presidenza.msn@unifi.it
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