Museum of Medieval and Modern Art in Arezzo

Explore one of the town's many art collections

Via San Lorentino, 8
The Museum houses two principal collections of art, from the 'Pinacoteca Comunale' and the 'Museo della Fraternità dei Laici'. Alongside the important selection of paintings from the XIX and XX centuries and numerous terracotta sculptures by Andrea della Robbia and his disciples, there is also a precious assembly of Italian maiolica-ceramics, precious stones and corals. The earthenware includes numerous vases for pharmaceutical use belonging to the Monastero di Camaldoli. The museums displays a significant glassware collection (comprised of glasses, goblets and vases). There are also plenty of examples of Tuscan glasswork between the XVI and XVIII centuries, notably some remarkable antique pharmaceutical items.

- small bronze artefacts and sculptures from the Roman, Medieval and Renaissance periods;
- collection of paintings and sculptures from the 14th to the 20th century;
- collections of old weapons, coins and Majolica ceramics.

The Museum is run by the Department for Cultural Heritage, Landscape and Artistic and Historical Patrimony.

Address: Via San Lorentino 8,  Arezzo
Tel. 0575 409050 Fax 0575 299850 
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday: 8.30-19.00 (closed Monday)
Cost: Full € 4.00, Reduced € 2.00 (18-25 years), Free for children up to 18 and pensioners over 65
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