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Museum of Rural Civilisation in Gaville

Displaying artefacts from a now-extinct culture in Figline Valdarno

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Figline Valdarno
The Museum of Rural Civilisation in Gaville is found in the premises (stables and olive press of the refectory) connected to the Romanesque church of Gaville (11th century), in the municipality of Figline Valdarno.

The museum exhibits artefacts which illustrate the life, work and culture of the rural society, no longer in existence, that spanned from the 18th century to the 1960s.

The pieces on display come from the Valdarno area but there are also displays from other areas to allow for comparisons.

Every room is dedicated to a particular work and illustrates the most important themes from rural life in the Valdarno, always linking back to the production of olive oil.

You can see the original 18th-century olive presses, which are still intact, wine cellars and a fascinating herbarium with local medicinal herbs
Figline and Incisa Valdarno
A territory that has fascinated painters and poets
The territory around Figline and Incisa corresponds to the upper Florentine Valdarno, between the massive Pratomagno and the Chianti mountains: two distinct towns, but united by the beauty of a landscape that has fascinated painters and poets. Figline, with Etruscan and Roman origins, was a major cultural centre during the Renaissance. ...