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Museum for Contemporary Art of the 1900s

Monsummano Terme’s museum hosts works by Annigoni, Berti and Scatizzi

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Via di Gragnano, 349, Monsummano Terme
This contemporary art museum is located in the Villa Renatico Martini. Built by Ferdinando Martini around 1887, the villa was designed by architect Cesare Spighi. The project was most likely supported by Vivarella and modified in accordance with the eclectic tastes of nineteenth century Tuscany. After the villa was purchased by the city’s Municipal Administration in 1981, it underwent a far-reaching restoration project and was opened to the public in 1988. From February 2004 to May 2006, the museum’s utility systems were modified to fit national standards and the museum was reopened with a new layout in June 2005.

Its collection is the result of four years of in-depth research regarding Tuscany’s artistic movements in the 1900s. It was created thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Superintendent’s Office for Artistic and Historical Heritage of Florence and the Italian Academy of Fine Arts. Several noteworthy paintings are part of the collection, including works by masters such as: Pietro Annigoni, Renato Alessandrini, Vinicio Berti, Ferdinando Chevrier, Marcello Guasti, Quinto Martini, Sergio Scatizzi and Jorio Vivarelli.
Info: macn.it

Monsummano Terme
This jewel of the Tuscan region boasts everything from spas to handmade shoes
Situated between the last ramifications of Montalbano and the northern border of the "Padule di Fucecchio" (the Marsh of Fucecchio), Monsummano Terme is now famous as thermal resort and for the production of shoes, exported all over the world. ...