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Photo ©Museo di arte contemporanea e del Novecento

Museum of Contemporary and 20th-century Art in Monsummano Terme

Works are on display by masters like Annigoni, Berti and Scatizzi

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Monsummano Terme
Via di Gragnano, 349, Monsummano Terme

The Museum of Contemporary and 20th-century Art in Monsummano Terme is located in Villa Renatico Martini. It was built for Ferdinando Martini around 1887 using designs by the architect Cesare Spighi, and is characterized by the eclectic taste popular in 19th-century Tuscany.

The villa, after being bought by the City Administration in 1981 and subject to restoration, was opened to the public in 1988. From February 2004 to May 2005, the museum improved its structural systems, bringing everything up to date, before reopening to the public with a new set-up in June 2005.

The rich collection has grown over the years thanks to donations by artists, collectors and private parties, who embraced the Administration’s project to organize an exhibition space where, when temporary exhibitions weren’t being held, donated works could go on display.

Masters of various genres stand out in the collection, many of whom were active and present in several artistic movements in the 20th and 21st centuries. Worthy of mention are works by masters such as Pietro Annigoni, Renato Alessandrini, Vinicio Berti, Ferdinando Chevrier, Marcello Guasti, Quinto Martini, Sergio Scatizzi and Jorio Vivarelli. The museum is recognized as a Museum of Regional Importance.

Info: macn.it

Monsummano Terme
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