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Civic Museum in Montaione

Artefacts from the territory are on display, including a whale fossil and an Etruscan stele

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Via Cresci, 17

The Civic Museum in Montaione, housed in the Palazzo Pretorio, boasts a collection of archeological and paleontological artefacts coming from the territory, including a fossil of a whale skeleton found in Castelfalfi and dated to 3 million years ago, when the area was underwater.

The objects cover an immensely wide time frame, ranging from the Lower Paleolithic Age and the late Middle Ages, even if most of them can be dated between the 7th and 1st century BCE. The oldest artefact, which attests to how the hills around Montaione have been inhabited since antiquity, is the Etruscan stele from the 6th century BCE, which depicts a warrior with a helmet, spear and shield on top of a gravestone that shows the age of the deceased.

One section is dedicated to the historic production of glass and ceramics, which beginning in the Middle Ages was particularly important for the territory’s economy because it was tied to the presence of raw materials and forest resources.

Info: toscananelcuore.it

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