Municipal Museum in Montaione

Thanks to the Municipal Museum in Montaione, many important archaeological artifacts owned by the town council are now on display to the public

Via Cresci, 17
The Museo Civico is in the 15th-century Palazzo del Podestà, and contains prehistoric and archaeological finds ranging from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Late Middle Ages. The highlight of the palaeontological section is a whale fossil skeleton found in the local area. In the archaeological section an Etruscan stele (6th century BC) resembling a warrior is of particular interest. Explanatory panels deal with the life, art and economy of the area in different historic periods.

Close to the Sacred Mount which is also known as Tuscany’s Jerusalem
Montaione is in the province of Florence but is easily reached from all the main Tuscan cities. It is at an altitude of 342m and has a population of 3400 inhabitants. HIGHTLIGHTS Visitors to Montaione can enjoy the San Biagio Oratory and the eighteenth century San Regolo Church. Not far from Montaione is the Sacro Monte (the Sacred Mount) which is also known as Tuscany’s Jerusalem. ...