Pruno di Stazzema
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Monte Forato and Cardoso di Stazzema

Don't miss the Summer Solstice

Monte Forato

The Summer Solstice
When the sun’s rays pierce Monte Forato at seven in the morning, locals know that the Summer Solstice has arrived. This event is considered the apotheosis of light; the longest day of the year has always inspired religious and secular omens and prophecies. At the end of June, Pruno comes to life with a series of internationally important initiatives that celebrate the solstice.

The quarries of the Cardoso area
Slate is a dark stone that’s similar to flagstone. The quarries of Cardoso, which are located near the neighbouring village, supply this unique material that has been fundamental to ensuring the development of local industry, which has expanded significantly over the years. The quarries supply enough slate to justify the presence of the mining industry in the area. This stone is useful for construction and it is often used in architecture for the creation of steps, thresholds, window sills, floors and coatings. It is also used for furniture, urban interiors and objects of various kinds.

Source: Versilia Tourist Information Office

Castles, fortified sites and medieval tunnels
Surrounded by the Apuan Alps, Stazzema is a scattered town, forming part of the historic Versilia region—in the area, it’s the only town that is entirely mountainous. With its magnificent setting and panoramic views, you'll want to admire its numerous hamlets—a solid 17 of them—which are spread down the slopes of the mountains. ...