Villa Rospigliosi a Spicchio - Lamporecchio

Montalbano and its historical villas

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Villa Rospigliosi a Spicchio
In the XVII century this villa was built by Pope Clemente IX. Giulio Rospigliosi allegedly entrusted Bernini with the design of the villa. In the central hall and in other rooms of this villa we can admire interesting frescos attributed to Ludovico Gemignani, such as ‘Apollo e Aurora sul carro del sole’ and some allegories with the signs of the zodiac. Outside there is a chapel, dedicated to St. Simone and St. Giuda, and a charming park which is split into two areas: the upper ‘Giardinetti’ and the lower area called "Il Chiuso" which was used for hunting game in ancient times.

Villa dell'Americana a Papiano
This villa belonged to the Torrigiani family in the XVI century. Its present structure was altered during XIX century restorations (commissioned by the American Laura Jonne Merrick) and shows traces of neo-Renaissance architectural style. At the beginning of the XX century this villa became seat of an embroidery school .

Molino a Papiano
This mill dates back to 1693. It has three floors accessible along an exterior stairway which rises up the sloping terraced land around it. The water main is noteworthy and visitors can see where the water flowed when the mill was in use and how it powered the millstones. The storage basin is used today as a vegetable garden and the building is used as a store room for farm tools.

Among the Montalbano hills, meet the queen of the “brigidini”
Lamporecchio is a town situated in the province of Pistoia which extends for approximately 22 square kilometres between hills and plains. It is located in a central position, easily reachable from the main towns of Tuscany and placed between two natural jewels: the marsh of Fucecchio and the rolling Montalbano hills. ...