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Discover the history of the Giamba windmill and the Carbone way


The Molina di Giamba (Giamba windmill) dates back to the mid-1800s and was in use until 1947. It was built to mill dry chestnuts and grain from towns near the Orsigna Valley. It was renovated and its full function restored in 2000. During the renovations, the original structure and machines were conserved and the utmost attention was given to their restoration. All of the mills, tools and various mechanisms were repaired according to their original 19th century instructions. The Via del Carbone (Coal Way) in the Orsigna Valley has also recently been restored by recreating a coal mine which actually produces coal a few days a year.

Hours: Upon reservation
Price: 2,00 € with guided visit
Handicap access: No

Via di Paoluccio Orsigna
Tel. 0573-490101- 0573-939207; 0573-97461 (Provincia di PT uff. Cultura)

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