Panorama di Cerreto Guidi

Medici villa and the Historical Museum of Hunting and the Territory in Cerreto Guidi

An exhibition dedicated to the history of a Medici hunting residence

Cerreto Guidi
The villa was built by Cosimo dei Medici in 1565-1567 and the villa’s grandiose stairway, called the Ponti Medicei, was based on a design by Bernardo Buontalenti. The structure gathers furniture and portraits of Medici family members from the 1500 and 1600s, as well as a series of 17th-century tapestries made with material produced in Tuscany’s Grand Duchy. On September 28, 2002, the Historical Museum of Hunting and the Territory was opened to the public inside the villa. It chronicles the history of the villa, as one of the Medici’s hunting residences. It also highlights the use of natural resources in the surrounding environment.The majority of iconographic paintings on display were taken from the deposits of museums in Florence. The furniture showcased is part of the Bardini collection, now owned by the Superintendence of the Polo Museale Fiorentino.

Ponti Medicei 12
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Cerreto Guidi
Historic homes nestled between vineyards and olive groves among the beautiful Montalbano panorama
Cerreto Guidi, a hilly area situated between the Montalbano and Arno, owes its name to the Counts Guidi, an ancient feudal family who built a castle not far from the route Francigena, known as the road of pilgrims and merchants. ...