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Maritime Museum

Living a sailor’s life

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This museum was founded to spotlight local findings linked to the maritime history of Viareggio, Tuscany and Italy in general. It is divided into the following thematic sections: equipment and shipbuilding, seamen, carpenters and shipwrights, the Italian navy, the maritime sector and art, modeling, underwater work, fishing, sailing and nautical instruments. The museum’s collection includes artifacts found on a ship called ‘the Artiglio 1’. French divers explored this ship which sank in 1930 due to the explosion of a dangerous load that it was trying to recuperate. Many objects and instruments were donated to the museum by specialized organizations such as ‘I Palombari dell’Artiglio’. Don’t miss seeing the museums small buthoscopic towers, remains from the Artiglio and a litho-stele from the V century BC.

Contact information:
0584-966342 – 0584-371413
From a small fishing village to one of the most popular seaside destinations in Tuscany, this is the city of CARNEVALE
The sea on one side, the white peaks of the Apuan Alps on the other, who hasn’t seen the classic snap-shot of Viareggio? Stroll along the city center’s charming streets, eat a gelato on the Passeggiata or in the shade of the pine forest, look out to sea on the Darsena or, further out, toward the even more uninhabited beach, the Lecciona, near Torre del Lago; eat fish in one of the typical ...