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Castello Malaspina in Lusuolo
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Lusuolo Castle

The ancient castle in Mulazzo is now home to the Emigration of the Tuscan People Museum

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In the heart of the Lunigiana, stretched across the ridge of a hill which looks out over the Magra valley, the town of Lusuolo and its castle represent one of the most interesting examples of the mix of civil and military architecture in the Middle Ages.

The castle must have already been built in the High Middle Ages, put up to guard the important road which ran through this part of the Lunigiana, where, along the two sides of the via Francigena, the Chiesaccia ford was located, which remained active until the beginning of the 20th century.

The castle was fortified, according to the still-visible architectural traces, beginning in the 14th century when Lusuolo was divided by the Malaspina feud from Villafranca, and became autonomous under the rule of Azzone Malaspina, who wanted to transform the town and, more importantly, the castle into a fortified residence.

The bitter feud between the Malaspina family and the republic of Genova continued throughout the 15th century, and as it got worse, the castle was put under the control of Florence in the second half of the 16th century.

Today it is open to the public and holds the Emigration of the Tuscan People Museum.

Age-old traditions, hidden treasures and stories worth telling
Mulazzo is a town that clings onto the Lunigiana mountains, famous for the people who live in the small village of Montereggio. Since the mid-19th century these inhabitants left, for entire generations, with a pannier of books on their backs, determined to “colonize” the whole of Central and Northern Italy, reaching all the towns that were still bereft of bookshops and opening new ones. ...