Castello Malaspina in Lusuolo

Malaspina Castle in Lusuolo

The castle dates back to the late Middle Ages and was erected to defend the town and the area’s important transit routes

The Malaspina Castle dominates the site of the Chiesaccia, where there was a ford until the early 20th century. Practically nothing remains of the original fortress as it was destroyed in the 15th century.

The current complex, the result of restructuring in the 17th century, stands on a trapezoidal courtyard with a central well. It is adjacent to other buildings that were erected in various historical periods. Restoration work was done over a period of several years, and the castle will soon house the Museum on the Emigration of the Tuscan people.

The museum will pay tribute to those who left the region in search of new opportunities: photographs, letters and other correspondence and documentation are displayed in an exhibition space (with rooms to hold temporary exhibitions and the permanent collections, archives, and a library, a multimedia hall for debates and meetings) as well as in a “virtual” place, such as a computerized database and on an Internet website, which can be visited and consulted from home.
Age-old traditions, hidden treasures and stories worth telling
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