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Magliano’s Center for archaeological documentation

Discovering Etruscan artifacts

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Magliano in Toscana
The museum is located in Magliano’s historical downtown area. Its exhibition was created to showcase Etruscan, Greek and Roman archeological artifacts found throughout the territory. Especially noteworthy is the life-size reconstruction of a tomb painted with imaginary animals, which was discovered in the archeological area in and around Cancellone.

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Magliano in Toscana
Legends speak of a magic millennia-old olive tree, which grows in the shadows of the watchtowers
The small medieval town located in the interior of the Grosseto Maremma sits on the ridge of a hill cultivated by olive trees and vineyards. Archeological digs in the zone have revealed various Etruscan Necropolises proving that Magliano was an Etruscan settlement before becoming the Roman municipality of Heba. ...