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La Cala degli innamorati di Capoliveri
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Lovers' Bay at Capoliveri

A panoramic drive along the coast of Elba

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From Capoliveri you can take a city road which is about 6km long or a ferry to arrive at the Cala degli Innamorati, or Lovers' Bay. This long beach with dark sand is protected from winds at the north by Pareti Point at the south by Ciarpa Point and the Gemini Islands. The panoramic road above the Golfo della Stella, or Star Gulf, starts here, passing through the towns of Morcone and Pareti. On the south side, towards Ciarpa Point, a small beach is located under the abandoned mining structures. From here you can swim to the Gemini Islands, or, if you continue past the point, you will find the Grotta del Bue Marino with its own beach where, until just a few decades ago, seals were often sighted. Another small bay can be reached on Pareti Point by following a steep unmarked path from one of the lookout points on the city road.

Lovers' Bay gets its name from a tragic local legend which dates to 1534. According to locals two lovers, Lorenzo and Maria, took refuge here after their families tried to stop their relationship. When Lorenzo was murdered by pirates Maria threw herself in the sea. According to legend the tragedy occurred on July 14, and every year the “Festa degli Innamorati” or Lovers' Festival is celebrated with a procession and candle lighting at sea.

Beaches and scenery whose inherent magnetism sways ships
Capoliveri, the main town in the southeastern part of Elba Island, is a charming town perched on terraced ridge of Monte Calamita. Its name and origin date back to the Roman period: Caput Liberi is Latin for Liberus' Hill, meaning sacred to Bacchus, and since ancient times has been a land of vineyards and fine wine. ...