Ponte di Loppia

Loppia Bridge

Near Loppia, in the district of Barga, the Loppora stream is crossed by a noteworthy footbridge with a hump-back and slightly asymmetrical structure


The highest point of the road running along the bridge is not placed in its centre, and the ascent and descent are not the same length. The peculiar bridge outline, whose asymmetry is similar to the impressive Devil´s Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano, is due to the fact that the two stream banks are not level and that the bridge follows the line of the road it was conceived for: the old road from Loppia to Filecchio.
Supported by a round-headed arch, the sandstone bridge was built in the 14th century by local masons and underwent reconstruction work in the 18th century. This work was uncovered by the research study of Antonio Nardini of the section of Barga of the Istituto Storico Lucchese (Institute for Historical Research of Lucca).
Source: Lucca and its lands / www.luccapro.sns.it

A pretty medieval town nestled between the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Apuan Alps
A town of centuries-old traditions, dating to the Longobard era in the early Middle Ages (6th-8th centuries), Barga lies in a striking location between the slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the majestic Apuan Alps. The kaleidoscope of colours, mild climate, myriad artworks and the warm welcome of the people add to the sheer beauty of the Barga Mountains. ...