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Villino Lampredi - Firenze
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Liberty dragons at the Lampredi Villino

History of Giovanni Michelazzi and Galileo Chini’s unique building on Via Giano della Bella

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Via Giano della Bella is located in one of Florence’s most charming residential neighborhoods—near Piazzale Michelangelo and not far from the Torrigiani Gardens. Here we find the Lampredi Villino, whose name is taken from its first resident, Giulio Lampredi. Inspired by the Art Nouveau style, the building was designed by architect Giovanni Michelazzi, while the ceramic decoration was done by Galileo Chini. The Mugello artist designed the façade’s tiles that feature putti angels in a context dominated by a vegetable motif.

The villa’s most distinctive elements are the two large dragons placed on the columns that frame the main door and rise above the central balcony. The balconies are embellished with an elegant banister that mirrors the design of the window decoration on the ground floor. The dragon motif is also found in the heads on the decorative circles above the second floor windows. The villa’s interior is characterized by a large staircase in “pietra serena” with a wrought iron banister. The staircase is illuminated by a large rectangular fixture composed of colored glass and decorated with plant motifs. Some ceramic decorations, including a tile by Galileo Chini, are found on the ground floor.

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