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Le Murate in Florence

New space for art and creativity

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Visiting Florence in 1840, Alexander Dumas was struck by the weekly dance held by the Grand Duke in honor of foreigners passing through the city. Le Murate want to revive this spirit of openness by creating a flexible platform made up of various initiatives in constant evolution, conceived with the goal of favoring exchange between Florence and the rest of the world.

On the one hand, it imports the best of cultural and intellectual production in the world. On the other, it favors the internationalization of local cultural products by becoming a privileged channel for exporting contemporary Florentine culture that attracts creative talent from all over Italy. This spring, Le Murate opened Suc (Contemporary Urban Spaces), not just an exhibition space like many others in the city, but a permanent workshop of ideas that make Florence the center of visual arts, music, theatre, performances, cinema, fashion, botany and cuisine. Full scale interdisciplinary contemporariness.

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