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Historical sites

Lake Accesa Etruscan Park, Gavorrano

Legend suggests that an underground city lies under the river

Lake Accesa, with its Etruscan Park, offers interesting landscape for nature lovers and history buffs.

The Bruna River is formed thanks to a natural waterway that flows from this lake and leads to the Sea of Castiglione della Pescaia, connecting to other waterways that spring up in the hinterland of Ribolla and Roccastrada.
With its horseshoe shape, Lake Accesa has a depth that ranges from 20 to 70 meters. Its bank hosts noteworthy archeological sites and in the nearby woods you’ll find an ancient Etruscan mining site.

A few hundred meters from the lake, you’ll find an abandoned hamlet called ‘Forni dell’Accesa’. There, you can visit the remains of old-time ovens used for metal working in the XVIII century. The area’s archeological zones were discovered in the 1920s, when experts encountered metal artefacts and ancient tombs. Digs were conducted primarily in the 1980s, uncovering daily objects such as clay vases, kitchenware, different types of weights and measures and tiles. These finds allowed historians to gather knowledge about local settlers who made use of the metal ore that characterized the area.

How to get there:
Accesa’s archaeological area is located a few kilometers from Massa Marittima, on the road leading to Gavorrano. You can reach the park on foot or by car from Pesa, located off Provincial Road 49. Parking is available. Those who plan to arrive on foot should cross the wooden bridge that stretches across the Bruna River and walk along a eucalyptus-lined avenue for no more than 200 meters. 
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