Riserva Naturale Senese La Pietra

La Pietra Natural Reserve

Lush flora, rare fauna

Municipalities: Chiusdino (Si) – Roccastrada (Gr)

La Pietra Natural Reserve: 


The area stretches for 530 acres. The name of this reserve refers to the rocky spur and its 442 metres of elevation which dominates the course of the Farma River that runs far below. It was established in order to conserve the landscape’s precious value and safeguard its unique vegetation and geological formations. The woods of the reserve are truly breath-taking and its undergrowth in springtime is characterized by red lilies and cyclamen. They lovely flowers give touches of colour that are in harmony with the area’s primary green and various other tonalities. Rare wild cat live in this reserve in addition to birds of prey, such as a rare variety of falcon. In the month of May, it’s common to see solitary male deer as well as doe with their fawns nearby, usually hidden in the high grass.


Home to monuments such as the Compagnia di San Galgano Church and the Lenzi stately homes
The city is home to San Sebastian Church, Miralduolo Castle, Compagnia di San Galgano Church and the Lenzi stately homes. Before the town existed, the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria stood on the same site, built in 1004. The town slowly grew on a nearby hill top ridge and quickly became an important strategic point in the area. ...