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Impruneta’s Museum of Sacred Art

Tuscan town spotlights ancient religious fervor

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Piazza Buondelmonti
This noteworthy museum hosts wall hangings, sacred furnishings and detached frescoes which once belonged to the city’s basilica. The museum is located in the medieval basilica of Impruneta in the high part of the open gallery, built by Silvani in the seventeenth century. From as far back as the beginning of the fourteenth century, the basilica of Impruneta was one of the most important sanctuaries located in the territories surrounding Florence, thanks to its miraculous icon of the Madonna. In case of wars, epidemics, famine and other calamities, the sacred image was carried throughout the city at the head of a lengthy procession.

This museum was created in order to safeguard objects of art which had previously been stored in the basilica’s sacristy. The ‘Silver section’, added in 1987, includes terracotta works, various codes and objects pertaining to the Bishop of Agli’s tomb. At present, another sector is being developed which will spotlight fabrics and textiles. Guests will particularly appreciate miniature codes from the 1300s created by the Bolognese school, Lippo di Benivieni and the workshop of Pacino di Bonaguida. You also won’t want to miss the processional cross attributed to Lorenzo Ghiberti and an interesting marble bass relief depicting the image of the Virgin Mary (XV century). Several other noteworthy items hosted in the museum include terracotta works bearing the image of the Madonna, silver works created by the Grand ducal workshops in the XVII century and the reliquary of Saint Theodora, created by an Austrian or German school circa 1780.

A town famous for making terracotta throughout history
In the past it was know as “in prunetis” or “in the pine-woods” and in fact you can still visit sparse remains of beautiful pine-woods among the olive trees of the surrounding hills. During the Middle Ages,Impruneta and the surrounding villages belonged to the territories of the Buondelmonti family with its castle in the village of Montebuoni. ...