House-Museum Gualerci Nicola, Sasso Pisano

The house museum is located inside a historic castle

Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 117
The House-Museum Gualerci Nicola is located in a historic building in the square of the castle Sasso Pisano. The building has been completely renovated with all necessary modern comforts, without taking away from the ‘rural’ atmosphere installed by the original architects. The place is designed to arouse a range of emotions and to inspire those who stay there.

This all-inclusive tourist culture is a new way to conduct tourism, in harmony not only with the environment but also with itself.

The structure is owned by Nicola Gualerci, the creator of the important and famous Arts and Crafts Museum of Tuscany, who chose the location of Sasso Pisano to establish his new ‘frontier’ tourism, seeing the unique environmental and cultural features of the area as favourable to the development of such an initiative.

The House Museum can be visited with reservation.

Info: 334 9378494
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