Historical Park of the Gothic Line, Badia Tedalda

Ten walks and three cycling routes exploring nature and history

The Gothic Line is one of the "places of memory" representing a commemorative dimension of war and resistance. The Gothic Line is a series of defensive operations that German troops carried out in the Central Apennines to block the advance of the Allies in 1944. The Gothic Line therefore has an important spatial dimension that crosses many regional territories.

In the municipality of Badia Tedalda you can find the very "heart" of the Gothic Line, as this territory was considered strategic by the Germans against the Allies. This important historical heritage, carefully researched and mapped, is now available to visitors thanks to the Historical Park of the Gothic Line, a series of routes connecting the most interesting sites scattered in an unspoiled and charming environment, offering you a journey into the world of memories.

There are ten walking and three cycling routes, all properly marked and accompanied by educational panels presenting the characteristics of the fortifications and their importance in this period of history. Upon reservation you can take guided tours, excursions and educational workshops for schools. At the Visitor Center Alpe della Luna in Badia Tedalda the park has been enriched with its section: the Gothic Line Documentation Centre - Archive of Local Memory of Badia Tedalda. It is a multimedia space that presents the history, events, places and figures related to the war and the Resistance in the province and along the Gothic Line as well as the results of the recovery work of local memories: oral and iconographic testimonies to reconstruct "fragments of daily life"of 20th-century generations.


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