Villa medicea La Màgia a Quarrata

Historical buildings in Quarrata

Visitors are spoilt for choice with the number of historical villas and buildings to see

Villa Banchieri at Santonuovo
Dating back to the XVI century, this villa was purchased by the Banchieri family, during the XVII century. At the end of the XIX century the façade and the park were renovated and the turret, made of bricks and stone at the back of the villa, was added. At the time of the Bishop of Pistoia Scipione de' Ricci, the Jansenists met in this Villa.

Fattoria Spalletti
The Fattoria Spalletti is an imposing, austere building placed among olive trees. Its present structure was put in place during radical restorations in the XIX century. This farm belongs to the Counts Spalletti, and today is considered one of the most important farms in the Pistoia Province, because of its production of rare wine.

Villa Medicea la Màgia
The name of this villa derives either from that of a XIV century noble lady, or from the name of an ancient family. It was originally home to the Panciatichi family and then was purchased by Francesco I de' Medici in 1585. Its transformation into a country residence was supervised by Buontalenti, who gave unified shapes to the pre-existent structures. It is a two floor building with square plan, central park and projecting, rectangular structures adorned with towers placed on the 2 opposite sides. Visitors can admire remarkable painted doors, ancient furniture and an important archive inside this villa. Outside there is a well-kept Italian garden enriched by statues, a monumental gate, and lemon-houses. This garden was laid out on a pre-existent design planned by Buontalenti at the beginning of the XVIII century.

A reflection of past history: agricultural production, craftsmanship and traditions
Quarrata is the economic and administrative centre of a territory that is divided into two areas that are geographically distinct from one another: the first extends over the northern slopes of the Montalbano; the second, on flat ground coincides with the central part of the Valle dell'Ombrone of Pistoia. ...