Gamc di Viareggio

GAMC in Viareggio: an exhibition of 20th century European art masters

Hosted in the nineteenth century Palazzo delle Muse, the museum includes 1,600 square meters of exhibition space

Piazza Mazzini
GAMC, the Municipal Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art is quickly becoming one of the most interesting international exhibition centers in the world, thanks to its wonderful collection of over three thousand works, which come from private donations and acquisitions by the Municipality of Viareggio. Hosted in the nineteenth century Palazzo delle Muse, the museum includes 1,600 square meters of exhibition space. The gallery is a dynamic showcase of the twentieth century’s main artistic research, from painting and sculpture to graphic design. Over 700 artists are on show.

Thanks to 2,000 works from the Pieraccini collection, visitors will delight in a varied anthology of works that range from the Impressionists (including Manet, Pissarro, Morisot, Gauguin, Bonnard and Signac) to the historical Avant-garde (including Pablo Picasso, Juan Mirò, Marc Chagall, Paul Delvaux, Max Ernst, André Masson, Natalia Gonciarova, Max Klinger and Sonia Delaunay). The collection also includes contemporary movements (Sebastian Matta, Man Ray, Alechinski, Appel, Cesar, Dubuffet, Calder, Lichtenstein, Oldemburg, Arp and Vasarely). Italian art from the 1900s is represented by various artists such as Felice Castrati, Afro, Fattori, Capogrossi, De Chirico, Cucchi, Ottone Rosai, Mimmo Rotella, Dorazio, Turcato, Mastroianni and Consagra.

The GAMC also hosts an important public collection by Lorenzo Viani (1882-1936): which includes 102 pieces such as 17 xylographic matrix and a single sculpture by the Master. Viani, a Expressionist European artist, who has not yet received due recognition, will receive ample space within the exhibition. It is not by chance that the museum has been named after him. Creative efforts related to the planning and establishment of GAMC have been organised by Antonella Serafini. The gallery’s scientific committee was recently established and it includes the following members: Cristina Acidini, Glauco Borella, Maria Vittoria Clarelli, Antonia D’Aniello, Luigi Ficacci, Serenita Papaldo and Lucia Tomasi Tongiorgi. This project was organized by the Municipality of Viareggio with contributions from the Tuscan Region, the Ente Cassa di Risparmio of Florence, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Lucca.

Other important sponsors include: Marina Management, Gruppo Consorzio Etruria , Etruria Marina, Esselunga and Perini Navi. The first artwork series was collected in 1979, when the Municipality purchased works by Lorenzo Viani, which belonged to the Varraud Santini collection. Another important donation was given by the Lucarelli, which includes 45 works by noteworthy Italian artists from the 1900s. The profound links that Viareggio had during the twentieth century with important Italian cultural personalities has fostered generous donations by many artists or their heirs. We can recall the Levy Donation, the Parisi Donation (nephew of Leonida Rèpaci), the Angeloni Donation, the Bonetti Donation and the Catarsini donation.

Last but not least, we can recall that the Viareggio Prize’s Managing Committee also donated a substantial collection. The most noteworthy sections include: Enrico Baj, Primo Conti, Emilio Greco, Renzo Vespignani and Antonio Ziveri. ‘GAMC will become a great artistic and cultural venue,’ affirms Cultural Councilor, Maria Cristina Boncompagni, ‘and we are sure that it will do much to increase our territory’s resources. This gallery provides a precious window onto Italian and European art from the XX century, and it offers noteworthy references to the art scene in Viareggio and Versilia. GAMC will have a double function: it is designed to host internationally renowned works and document our community’s own cultural identity.’

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