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Museo Civico di Fucecchio

Fucecchio Civic Museum

Important works by Maestro di Fucecchio

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Piazza Vittorio Veneto 27

The museum of Fucecchio enables us to follow the history of land situated amid the Cerbaie, the Lower Valdinievole and the Valdarno, from the end of the Terziary up to the modern period, both in its naturalistic aspects and in the ancient settlements and up to the artistic production from the Middle Ages to the present time. The museum contains a vast and articulated documentation collected on different occasions and enriched owing to private donations.

It is on the round floor of Corsini House and it is organised according to educational aims. It shows several aspects concerning the history of settlements in the territory of Fucecchio and its surrounding area. There are materials dating from the Lower Paleolithic up to the 18th century coming from surface archaeological research and excavations. Among the medieval finds particularly interesting is the excavation of dwelling discovered in 1984 on Salamartano Hill, in the old town centre of Fucecchio, that has enabled us to re-construct an example of a humble house from the 12th century.

The “noble floor” of Corsin House hosts paintings and works of art, some of them coming from the ancient San Salvatore Abbey and from the Collegiata Church of Fucecchio. They date from the period between the 13th and 18th centuries. Among the most ancient paintings there is The Madonna with the Saints , by Giovanni called “Scheggia”, Masaccio’s brother. In the last hall we can see the collection of paintings and sculptures given to his own birthplace by painter Arturo Checchi.

It was assembled between the end of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th century thanks to the initiative of Dr. Adolfo Lensi , with works collected by him, in addition to others that have donated or acquired.

Museo Civico
Piazza Vittorio Veneto 27 - Fucecchio
Tel. 0571 20349

(Article by APT di Firenze)

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