Forte Stella
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Fort Stella at Porto Ercole

Enjoy the breath taking panorama from a fort built by the Spanish in the sixteenth century

Loc. Forte Stella
Imagine a star-shaped fort perched on the cliff top over looking the brilliant blue of the Tirreno Sea. The fort is so perfect that it seems almost fake, although in reality it has been there since the sixteenth century. Fort Stella (‘Star Fort’) was in fact built by the Spanish during the second half of the fifteen hundreds. In order to construct such an imposing structure, the Spanish turned to Cosimo de’ Medici who recommended the architectural skills of Bernardo Buontalenti and Giovanni Camerini. The fort was finally completed in the middle of the seventeenth century after many years’ work. The fort was originally used as a look out tower and it’s easy for today’s visitors to imagine why as they gaze out from the fort at the breathtaking panorama. An enormous stretch of coast is visible to the naked eye, from the southern Argentario shores to Capo Linaro near Civitavecchia. It was common practice to signal to other forts up and down the Argentario coast which together made up an almost impregnable line of defense.

Visitors today can visit the inside of Fort Stella and stroll along its external walls. Modern art exhibitions are often held there too.

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