Palazzo Orsini Museum

Fort Orsini Mediaeval and Renaissance Museum

Discover the underground tunnels of this fort and learn about its military history

Piazza Cairoli, 3
Orsini Fort is an imposing military building which was built by the Aldobrandeschi family and then enlarged in the sixteenth century by the Orsini family. The fort consists of a central keep with a doorway framed by travertine ashlars and topped by the Aldobrandeshi and Orsini family crests. The keep is connected to two angular ramparts known as Bastione San Pietro and Bastione San Marco, each one with a coat of arms on the corner.

Orsini Fort is open to the public and is also home to a small Medieval and Renaissance museum. The bastions, keep and various above and underground walkways in the fort are all open to visitors. The museum contains Medieval artifacts from the Sorano region, such as glazed ceramics, which were found in wells in Sorano and Castell’Ottieri. There are two interesting groups of Sienese school frescoes (completed between 1580 and 1585) in what was the study of Niccolò IV Orsini. These frescoes have a classic floral motif and depict mythological scenes. They also contain some Gregorian musical notes from a song which is featured by Boccaccio in his famous work, The Decameron.

Disabled access: Yes

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