Ex Chiesa del Tau, Pistoia
Places of worship

Former Tau Church in Pistoia

Frescoed by 14th and 15th century artists


The chapel was commissioned by Father Giovanni Guidalotti around 1340. The latter donated it to the order of Sant’Antonio del Tau, who took their name from the blue Tau cross on their capes. Deconsecrated in 1787, the chapel underwent heavy reconstruction; however, the 1960s renovations restored the majority of the original paintings and decorations.

The interior boasts a rectangular nave with a raised presbytery and nearby crypt. It is divided into three arched bays in a cross form decorated with frescoes. The notably beautiful pictorial cycle was completed by late Gothic artists from the end of the 14th and beginning of the 15th century.

Hours: Every day except Sundays from 8.15-13.30
Price: free
Handicap access: No

corso Silvano Fedi 70
Tel. 0573 32204

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