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Forest of the San Benedetto Alp

A green area on Mount Fiorentino

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The wooded area of San Benedetto extends for 1,728 hectares and consists mainly of beech with deciduous specimens of 40-50 years old, mixed with other broad-leaved species such as hornbeam, Turkey oak, flowering ash, sallow, field maple, wild cherry, laburnum and rowan. Of these the hornbeam is the most common, accompanying the beech in the more humid or more exposed areas. Turkey oaks are found more in the southern part while the white oaks prefer dryer areas more exposed to the sunlight.

The conformation of the main slopes and the geographical position are responsible for a particularly damp and cold microclimate, thus providing the ideal habitat for hydric species. The vegetation is supplemented with artifical plantations of conifer, including fir, pine and larch. Worthy of note is the high forest of silver fir extending for about 40 hectares below the Fontanelle refuge. As well as various perennial mountain torrents, there are also numerous little streams guaranteeing a minimum of hydration throughout the year, together with the frequent natural springs fed by the abundant rainfall.