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La galleria delle Fonti dell'Abbondanza
Historical sites

Fonti dell’Abbondanza Tunnel

Medieval underground passage and city landmark

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Massa Marittima

The town of Massa Marittima sits on a bed of travertine; during the Middle Ages, several tunnels were dug to replenish the water supply of the Fonti dell’Abbondanza, a large building with three pointed arches, built and decorated in 1265. Its beautiful frescoes were only recently rediscovered and restored. The most famous is Fecondità, painted on the first arch, which depicts a multi branch tree whose fruits are phalluses, symbolizing fertility and life.
In the past, these fountains played a strategic role for the city, especially in the event of a siege since they were the only fountains inside the city walls containing potable water. The underground tunnel opens in the wall of the second arch.
The underground passageway is 270 m long and 1.9 m high. Wells found inside the tunnel would collect the water filtered from the rock above. Stalactites of various shapes and dimensions are visible which decorate the floors and walls.
The tunnel may be visited by reservation only; it is open for free during special events. Hiking gear is advised; helmets and flashlights are provided. Visitors to the tunnel may also be interested in visiting the following sites of interest in the area:
Iron and Gravel Museum in Follonica (Grosseto)
Mining Park in Monterotondo Marittimo (Grosseto)

1h, 270 m.

Caravan stop

Disabled access:

How to get there
By car
- from the north take autostrada A12 Genova-Livorno, exit at Rosignano; then take s.s. 1 Aurelia, exit at Follonica est; follow signs for Massa Marittima.
- from the south take autostrada Roma-Civitavecchia; the take s.s. 1 Aurelia in the direction of Grosseto, exit at Follonica est; follow signs for Massa Marittima.

By train
Follonica train station, Pisa-Roma line

By bus
Rama, Fmf, Follonica-Massa Marittima line (departures every hour);
Siena-Massa Marittima (3-4 departures per day).

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Ufficio informazioni Massa Marittima
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Massa Marittima
Nestled on a high and isolated hill, Massa Marittima’s beautiful historic city center is enclosed and protected by the well-preserved city walls, representing one of the most important urbanistic-architectural complexes in all of Tuscany. ...