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Fattoria di Font'a Roco

Font'a Ronco Estate Farm

A wonderful architectural example of a rural Tuscan villa

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Monte San Savino
The farm is located near Montagnano, a fraction of the Monte San Savino municipality. It belonged to the Medici family until 1651, when the Grand Duke of Tuscany, then Ferdinando II, gave it to the Santo Stefano Knight's Order to maintain along with other farms and the marine military of the Grand Duke. The terrain of the farm, which originated from dried marshlands, was located along the left bank of the Chiana Master Canal.

Until 1802, the Pozzo Estate Farm depended on the general management of Fon'ta Ronco. Then Pozzo was deemed a separate estate and assigned part of the Font'a Ronco territory. In 1808 the estate had about 650 organized hectares and 24-28 smallholdings. The heart of the farm consisted of an estate mansion and a number of smallholdings and annex buildings. In 1864, with the annexation of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, the farm was transferred to the State Properties and placed on auction.

Throughout the years, the old estate mansion has been preserved without alteration. It clearly shows the architectural characteristics of rural Tuscany in the 17th century, including the front facade, the portico on the first floor and the two pigeon towers on each side.

Monte San Savino
An ancient village rich in archaeological and architectural testimonies
Found on the western slopes of the Val di Chiana, in the province of Arezzo, Monte San Savino has a population of approximately 8,000 inhabitants. Monte San Savino was created from the occupation of an ancient and abandoned Roman settlement by the Goths and the Longobards in the early Middle Ages during which they abandoned the plains and retreated to hills and hummocks that were easier to ...