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Porto Azzurro

Focardo Fort

Focardo Fort perches on the Capoliverese headland between the beaches of Naregno and Capo Perla.

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Focardo Fort was built under Spanish rule in 1678 by Don Ferdinando Foxardo who was the governor of the region during the empire of Carlo V.This fortress had the role of defending the coastline from attack. It has an imposing quadrangular structure with four angular bulwarks and two bastions on the northern and southern side of the walls. The seemingly impregnable walls are made of stone and have a sloping scarp base which blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings. There was a ditch that ran around the walls of the fort which added an extra layer of defense in case of attack from the land or from the sea. The fort was used for military purposes until the nineteenth century when it was gradually turned into a lighthouse. It’s possible to get to Focardo Fort either on the road for Capo Perla or on the footpath which starts in Naregno bay. This footpath goes through a pinewoods and offers wonderful panoramic views along the coast and of Porto Azzurro.
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