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Florence is gelato capital May 23 to 27!

Gelato Festival 2012 returns to the city

Events and surprises in the Village of Homemade Ice-cream and in the Sammontana Village in Florence, from May 23-27, 2012. It's a must-do event to write down in the agendas of adults, parents and children! These are the days in which the Firenze Gelato Festival will be back to invading the town and enhancing the origins of the frozen dessert in the cradle of the Renaissance.

This year’s theme, Gelato, Food, Cultura (Ice-cream, Food, Culture), will be laid out in some big side events, which will focus on the culture of Italian ice cream. On the one hand, the focus will be placed on the history of ice-cream and on the context in which it was born in Buontalenti’s Florence; on the other hand, attention will be given to exploring the success of the frozen dessert, which can be retraced through the machines and techniques of its production.

Concerning food, the Festival promises to surprise with new tastes and versions of the Gelato cocktail, made by the best barmen with taste and originality, as well as gastronomic itineraries through tat sings which match ice-creams  to top chef dishes.

In the schedule of events also olfactory itineraries which bind essences created by craftsman perfumers with the most popular ice-cream flavours. Florence, thanks to the historical "officine" (laboratories) which still produce world-famous essences, is the home of the perfume art. On the occasion of the Firenze Gelato Festival 2012, ice-cream and perfume will blend together to suggest an unmissable multi-sensory experience.

You can also play during the Firenze Gelato Festival 2012! To engage visitors, there will be two special contests: with Gusta - Vota e vinci fantastici premi! (Taste, vote and win wonderful prizes!) you’ll have the possibility to choose the best flavour at the festival, proclaim the Summer 2012 ice-cream maker, and win the sponsors' prizes. But there’s more: there's the Golosamente Gelato! (Greedily Ice-cream!) contest, which will put the festival's greediest visitors face-to-face! The one who tastes the most flavours (the number of purchased cards will prove it) will win a great prize.

The Firenze Gelato Festival establishes itself as a unique event at the national level, dedicated to the Made in Italy standard of excellence, and able to attract a general public who is fond of the quality of the frozen dessert. It is the mirror of Italy's highest gastronomic culture, which unites the quality of the ingredients, refinement and innovation to create the top-quality Italian ice-cream.

The new generation protagonist at the Firenze Gelato Festival. At the 2012 Firenze Gelato Festival edition, those who have just decided to become an ice-cream maker, and may have studied at school to make this dream come true, will have the opportunity to present their ideas and skills. The initiative has a double purpose: assure a future of success to the young generation, and ensure that the winning tradition of the Italian ice-cream goes on being the reference model in the world.

For more information: www.firenzegelatofestival.it.
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