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‘Florence as it was’

Historical Topographical Museum

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Alongside the large reproduction of a famous map created in 1470, visitors will also find a topographical map by Stephen Bonsignori (1594)—which is the first of its kind to be scientifically recorded. A series of twelve famous lunettes by Giusto di Utens (1599) offers an important view of the Medici villa at the end of the sixteenth century. The eighteenth century is documented by beautiful views of Zocchi, while in the nineteenth century section includes images of the Old Market and the Jewish Ghetto before its destruction. A new section, created for an exhibition on the origins of Florence, shows the area’s evolution since its early settlements during the Roman times.

Via dell’Oriuolo 24
Tel. 055 2616545
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9am to 2pm
Saturdays - 9am – 7pm
From June to September: Mondays and Tuesdays - 9am to 2pm.
Saturdays - 9am – 7pm
Entrance fees:
€ 2.70 Full price
€ 2 Youth from 18-25 and those over 65
€ 1 Children from 3-17 and school groups with reservations.

Entrance fees and participation in didactic activities
€ 3.70 Full price
€ 2.70 Youth from 18-25 and those over 65
€ 2 Children from 3-17 and school groups with reservations
€ 9 per family (4 people)
€ 11 per family (5 people)

For information and reservations; open daily from 7am - 6pm.
055/276.8224 055/276.8558

Holidays: January 1, Easter day, May 1, August 15, December 25.
An astonishing city of art, fashion and tradition
If you are visiting Tuscany you cannot miss Florence. The Renaissance city is a treasure trove of art with an astonishing contemporary vibe. Beyond the extraordinary artistic heritage, a testimony to its centuries of civilization, the best way to enjoy Florence is to stroll along the riverside avenues at sunset, or to get lost among the city’s myriad alleyways of the bohemian Oltrarno or the ...