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The Last Supper, Andrea Del Sarto

Andrea del Sarto's Last Supper

San Salvi hosts astounding masterpiece

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Via di S. Salvi, 16, Firenze FI
The museum of the 'Cenacolo' (Last Supper, 1520-1525) is in the ex-Vallombrosan convent dedicated to San Salvi, in a now-residential area of Florence not far from the historical center.
During the attack of Florence by the army of Carlo V, this fresco was one of the very few surviving works outside the walls of Florence. It's said that the imperial soldiers were so enchanted by its amazing modernity that they decided to spare it.
Visitors will be delighted by this large fresco, one of many other in town depicting the Last Supper of Jesus (for example the Cenacolo di Sant'Apollonia by Andrea del Castagno). This work by painter Andrea del Sarto, located in the former refectory of the convent, is considered one of the masterpieces of late Florentine Renaissance painting.

The monastery hosts important paintings from the first half of the sixteenth century, which document the development of Florentine painting during the Mannerist period. The paintings displayed include works by Pontormo, Andrea del Sarto, Franciabigio, Raffaellino di Garbo, Giuliano Bugiardini and Bachiacca. Noteworthy as well is the funeral monument to San Giovanni Gualberto, founder of the Vallombrosa order. The upper floors of the building are used as storage for works belonging to the Florentine state museums.
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