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Villa di Arceno
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Exploring Arceno

Visitors discover noteworthy villa and park

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Castelnuovo Berardenga
The village of Arceno was first mentioned in a document that dates back to the XI century, where it was cited as a donation that count Guinigi made to the Abbey of San Salvatore a Fontebuona. In 1676, Arceno became one of the area’s several municipalities ruled by the Berardenga family. The Villa of Arceno was later built ‘ex-novo’ by order of Flaminio del Taja, a knight who lived during the XVII century, at a time when agriculture had become the driving force behind the area’s economy. Near the villa, you’ll find a large romantic park, created in 1833 by Agostino Fantastici. This lush woodsy area features rare plants and trees like sequoias, camphor trees and Lebanon cedars. Small tree-lined paths lead to an artificial lake fed by the Ombrone River. Two buildings were built to enhance the lakeside environment: ‘Porto’ and ‘Casa delle Barche’. Even if its characteristics are not completely homogenous, the Arceno Park offers a truly unique setting and it perfectly illustrates Fantastici’s typically eclectic style.
Castelnuovo Berardenga
The vast territory is close to the evocative Crete Senesi
Castelnuovo Berardenga is at an altitude of 351m and has a population of approximately 7000 inhabitants. The town takes its name from Count Berardo, a descendant of the Count of Siena Guinigi who governed over the city during the second half of the IX century. His family moved to the country when they lost control of Siena. ...