Museo Etnografico della Lunigiana

Ethnographical Museum of Lunigiana

The Ethnographical Museum of Lunigiana is located in a complex of historical buildings including the old mills of Villafranca and preserves objects of rural culture unchanged for centuries

Via dei Mulini
The Museum is divided into three sections, one on each floor. On the third floor there are objects linked to housework (food, chestnut, milk and hemp processing, weaving, wicker work and wine-making). In the middle floor there is a collection of materials linked to the artisan activity (wood, iron and stone work). On the ground floor there is an exhibition of tools used in rural life including some restored milling and oil pressing equipment.

Address Via dei Mulini, 1 – 54028
Telephone 0187/493417
Fax 0187/494400

Villafranca in Lunigiana
Peasant culture comes alive in the Ethnographic Museum
Villafranca is the soul of Lunigiana peasant culture. Here you can visit the Ethnographic Museum, housed in the old 15th century Mills. THE HISTORIC TOWN CENTRE In a strategic position, near the Magra river, there is the Castle, built by the Malaspina starting from the 12th century. Furthermore, the walls and other fortifications, on the opposite side of the old town, can be seen near the S. ...