Parco minerario dell'Elba

Elba Island mineralogical park

Rio Marina
Rio Marina is famous for the minerals displayed at Palazzo del Burò. This building dates from the 18th century, having been for many years the mine’s administrative office. After restoration it is now an internationally renowned scientific museum. Palazzo della Concessionaria or “Il Burò” is in the historical centre of Rio Marina, the first floor is used for exhibitions, such as the “Iron Flowers” exhibit. The immense halls (four hundred square metres) contain one of the most important Elban mineral collections, worth visiting with this unique allocation. The collection not only regards minerals and their extraction but also contains a blacksmith’s workshop, making the exhibit particularly fun for children.
There are also organized tours inside the mines.

Telephone: 0565/962088
District: Rio Marina
Address: Via Magenta, 26 – Palazzo “Il Burò”
Rio Marina
A beautiful village offering golden beaches and a chance to discover the Parco Minerario on Elba island
Rio Marino is situated on the eastern side of Elba island, located on a coastal inlet surrounded by hills, whose soil—a rich, reddish colour thanks to the iron it contains—is reminiscent of the island’s mining history. ...