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Domus Mazziniana, Pisa

Domus Mazziniana, Pisa

This museum is home to the flags and items from Mazzini’s time, including old photographs and handwritten letters by Mazzini

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The Domus Mazziniana Museum is housed in palazzo Nathan-Rosselli where Giusepe Mazzini died on 10th March 1872.The museum documents Mazzinian and democratic ideology during the period of the Risorgimento, both through educational activities in the Museo Mazziano and through a specialist library and archives. The Domus Mazziniana also runs annual refresher courses in the subject for history and social science teachers.In the library and archives there is a collection of the complete works of Mazzini and many of his original manuscripts. There’s also a selection of around twenty other sets of documents which add up to a total of approximately forty thousand original articles and letters.

Opening hours
Monday – Friday: 9am-12:30pm
All visits to the museum include a guided tour which it’s often necessary to book in advance. Please call 050 24174

Entry fee


Disabled access


Contact information

via Mazzini 71, Pisa
Telephone 050-24174
E-mail webmaster@domusmazziniana.it, finelli@sssup.it
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