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Doll Museum. The Maria Micaelli Collection

Collectors’ items and modern figurines.

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This museum is housed on the ground floor of a Medieval building in the historic centre of Suvereto, not far from the port. It is home to a collection of unique artisan-made dolls, displayed in an informative and educational way. The Casa Lenci dolls are particularly interesting, the oldest of which is Violetta (1921). Other interesting examples are provided by the Sardinian Dolls (Bamboli Sardi) and Letizia, made by Furga. The collectors’ items and the modern dolls (from the 1930s and 40s), which are made from rigid plastic and celluloid, are also noteworthy.

Opening hours
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 5pm – 7pm. From 15th June to 1st September also 9pm – 11pm.
Entry fee: Free
Disabled access: Yes

Contact information
via Magenta 14
Suvereto (Livorno)
Telephone 0565-829923 (the Comune of Suvereto)
E-mail suvereto.comune@etruscan.li.it

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