Documentation Centre of Archeology Culture in Subbiano

The centre offers visitors a fun way to get to know archeology

Documentation Centre of Archeology Culture in Subbiano is located in the old cellars of the Opera Pia Boschi, situated in the historic city centre. The centre, which is part of the Eco-museum network of Casentino, was established by the Gruppo Archeologico Giano and the municipality of Subbiano with the aim of safeguarding the archeological artifacts that have been found in the area. The centre chronicles the ancient history of the territory through exhibit displays that showcase artifacts from the 12th century BC to the 14th century BC. The centre also organizes fun workshops for children so they can learn more about archeology.
Also on display are the reconstructions of two very different kinds of tombs that date back to the Roman era. The first was discovered in Salbello di Montegiovi and belonged to a female, who was buried with a bronze mirror and a silver ring in the shape of a snake. The second tomb was discovered in the area of Santa Rosa di Poggio d’Acona and belonged to a male, who was cremated. This tomb contained 30 objects, including carafes, plates, pans and other tools in clay and ceramic.
Opening hours:
On Sundays and holidays, from 10:30am to 12:30pm, except in August and during the winter holidays.
Price: Free
Disabled access: Yes
via Arcipretura 43
Subbiano (Arezzo)
Tel. 05754217 (Municipality of Subbiano)
Rich in environmental and artistic heritage, Subbiano still preserves her ancient castle
The town of Subbiano is in the province of Arezzo and has a population of almost 6,000 inhabitants. The church of St. Mary of the Visitation and the Subbiani-Ducci Palazzo are also worth a visit. The town’s name comes from the Latin “sub lanum” and tells us of the foundation of the ancient Roman village, placed under the protection of the god Janus. ...